Community Engagement
& Outreach

As organizations look for ways to provide services more efficiently & effectively, River District Consulting offers steps to ensure you are meeting your strategic goals & objectives. We use a variety of methods to gather information & create consensus to inform decision-making.

Through in-person one-on-one discussions, focus groups, community listening sessions, online surveys & social media engagement, we gather input across multiple groups of stakeholders, allowing them to be personally invested in your project.

Strategic Planning

Through facilitation techniques designed to fit your organization, RDCG’s strategic planning process is designed to allow organizations to step into the critical thinking required to develop a comprehensive strategic plan with clear and concise action steps that will empower your team for the next 3-5 years.

Our process begins with an in-depth onboarding session where we get to know your unique organizational positioning and stakeholders. Then we move into the data gathering and research phase. During this phase we use a variety of community engagement and facilitation techniques  (one-on-one interviews, listening sessions/focus groups, online surveys, retreats, and workshops) to engage internal and external stakeholders and inform an in-depth analysis report. This analysis report will help to set a strategic direction and finalize a clear and concise plan that can be executed by your team with confidence.

Strategic Doing™

River District Consulting recently embarked on a learning journey with a new strategy discipline known as Strategic Doing™. Designed by Ed Morrison from Purdue Agile Strategy Lab, Strategic Doing™ is a tool that organizations can use to design & guide complex collaborations needed to solve multi-dimensional problems.

Check out the Strategic Doing™ website to see all the ways this new strategy discipline is being used today.

If you think Strategic Doing™ could help your organization, give us a call! We would love to chat!

RDCG will analyze and assess where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there. We will initially meet with your board and staff to get to know your organization and to get a broad overview of your board, fundraising and marketing efforts and the organization’s vision & goals.

Initial assessments include budget, funding sources, donor management systems, capacity, case for support, plans and policies, website, e-communications, direct mail, and solicitation strategies.

Resource Development

Donor Engagement & Communications

With your target audience in mind, RDCG will work with your organization to develop a plan & materials to engage and inspire your donors.

RDCG has a successful history of writing competitive grants for our clients. We can assist your organization with identification, research, writing, submission & reporting of grant requests.

Grant Writing
& Management

Non-profit leadership development & education is vital for a healthy organization. That’s why we provide training through board retreats, workshops & custom one-on-one coaching sessions.

To learn more, click here to check out our sample retreat agenda (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Call us to discuss your leadership development needs!

Leadership Development
(Staff and Board)

We have a team of experienced facilitators who will deliver a hands-on high-impact experience to your organization. We facilitate board retreats, nonprofit workshops, strategic planning retreats, complex collaboration through Strategic Doing, and team-building through CliftonStrengths.

Check out the workshops we offer here.

Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. We can create a custom workshop or retreat plan to fit your needs.

& Retreats

We are total CliftonStrengths® nerds here at River District Consulting! Based on a forty-year study of positive psychology, Dr. Donald Clifton developed this assessment to help us understand our naturally recurring thought & behavior patterns. These talents are broken down into thirty-four themes across four domains — executing, influencing, relationship-building & strategic-thinking. Everyone has talents & we truly believe learning how to apply your talents individually & as a team will help you be more successful.

Along with using CliftonStrengths® as an everyday tool at RDCG, we also conduct team building assessments. Through these hands-on workshops, we help you and your team develop common language to discuss and capitalize on your cognitive differences.

CliftonStrengths® Assessments