We believe in the power of local Good+Kind humans!

That's why we specialize in sustainable annual fund growth and development for small to medium sized nonprofits.

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If you are the Executive Director, Marketing Director and Development Director all rolled into one -- then you are OUR people! The shared passion and unstoppable optimism of you and your Board are the fuel to big dreams of doing good in the community you love. But it's just YOU...so how do you get there? By deciding on a clear direction, by becoming an efficiency expert, by setting achievable, strategic measurable goals and by building meaningful relationships within your own tribe of supporters.

Still questioning whether or not you can do it all? You CAN! And we would be honored to roll-up our sleeves and help. Our collaborative Good+Kind Method to a sustainable annual fund was designed to help you accomplish more -- one good kind human at a time.


Our Services

We are passionate about sustainable annual funds! Whether you are a brand new organization and need to get started building your annual fund or you have been in the game for a long-time and need a fresh perspective, we can help! Our consulting expertise in fundraising and donor marketing strategies will empower you in your efforts of doing good and being kind.

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What is the Good+Kind Method?

It's our method for developing a strong and sustainable annual fund.  These are the steps we take each and every time with our clients to ensure the right internal and external systems, messaging and plans are in place to attract the good+kind humans to your organization that will sustain its good work well into the future.

The Blog

This is where the good stuff happens.  We love sharing our gifts of knowledge.  Want to know more about what this annual fund thing we keep talking about is? Check the blog. Have questions about how to engage your Board in fundraising? Check the blog. Want to be inspired with stories of everyday Good+Kind humans? You are in the right place! 

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Who we are

We are creative thinkers, writers, designers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and all around good+kind humans driven by the belief that we really can change the world by doing good and being kind.


I cannot say enough good things about River District Consulting Group!

— Kate Blair Farmer, Board Member, Danville Science Center and Revitalization for a Greater Gretna

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