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Rachel del Campo Gatewood

Meet Rachel - Rachel leads River District Consulting from a foundation firmly rooted in successful resource development and marketing campaigns and business ownership. With an Accounting degree and an MBA from Averett College (now University), she approaches problems analytically, looking first at the infrastructure of an organization for strategic opportunities. 

Her nearly 30 years of experience includes every aspect of campaign management. rachel's work involved leading advancement teams at Averett University, Chatham Hall, and the Danville Science Center, and managing comprehensive campaigns of $12-35M. Additionally, she was majority owner in a Chatham, VA, hardware store where she did everything from customer interaction to producing the monthly Profit and Loss Statement. Gatewood excels at drilling down and visioning up with clients, expertise derived from many years of building systems that make ambitious aspirations possible.

RACHEL ENJOYS bodies of water and TRAVEL, CREDITING HER TRAVEL BUG TO HER FAMILY’S EMIGRATION HERE FROM CUBA IN 1960. her grandparents wanted her and her sister to see as much of the world as possible so they spent quite a bit of time traveling throughout the u.s. and Puerto Rico.

Rachel also enjoys spending time with her kids - her greatest accomplishment. RDCG's Good + Kind was inspired by her youngest son, Crispin, who told his first grade teacher, "the most important thing to my mama is that I be a good kind human being." He was correct! with the good+kind intentions in mind, rachel has been a rotarian since 2008, valuing service above self!


Hollie Adams

meet hollie - hollie brings a research background and more than 10 years of paralegal experience to river district consulting. During her years at Woods Rogers, PLC - she worked on major economic development deals, commercial real estate transactions, and corporate governance and employment issues. She has a paralegal certificate from George Mason University, in addition to coursework at Roanoke College.

Her hands-on experience translates into her ability to assist her clients by testing and proving. with strength in critical thinking and strategy mechanics. she assists clients in creating the best foundation from which to launch their ideas. 

Little known fact, HOLLIE IS a farmer! SORT OF. SHE’S a girl from the suburbs wHO HAD absolutely no interest in growing anything UNTIL SHE MET a cute boy. now she diligently cares for her garden of plant babies (AND HUMAN BABIES) that she and her husband enjoy growing together.

hollie also enjoys setting big, hairy, audacious home improvement goals and then winging it until something beautiful happens. she loves a good podcast...and Jay-z. (“Have you heard Oprah's Masterclass podcast with Jay-z!? My little podcast nerd heart can barely take all that goodness!”)

When she’s not gardening or working on a home improvement project, hollie really enjoys a good meal. “I like ALL the food. Seriously, tell me I'm pretty and feed me because that's the way to my heart.” And last, but not least, Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE are we to Trust Her in Target!